They bring so much passion and intensity to relationships that it can often overcome Sagittarius’ reluctance to commit

They bring so much passion and intensity to relationships that it can often overcome Sagittarius’ reluctance to commit

Who is Sagittarius most compatible with? Learn how well different signs get along with Sagittarians, and which areas they’ll bond over (and which will lead to disagreement). These pairings, from the above Sagittarius compatibility chart, are ranked from Sagittarius most compatible signs to least compatible signs.

Best Sagittarius Compatible Signs

The signs below are each high-ranking Sagittarius compatible signs. If you’re a Sagittarius, expect to get along especially well with these signs.

These signs are both bold, adventurous, and optimistic, and together they can take on the world. Their sense of adventure can sometimes translate into recklessness, and their love of independence may mean they never put a label on their romantic relationship, but, honestly, that’s how Sagittarius and Aries like it. They’ll come up with the most incredible ideas, whether for a new business venture or just a way to rearrange the living room furniture. Their energy and relentless need for novelty may exhaust others, but this pair will thrive off each other.

This pair is on fire (literally, both are fixed fire signs). Both signs are honest and caring, and if Leo starts to get too bossy, Sagittarius will do their own thing for a while until they come back together and the fire is relit.

This double-Sagittarius pairing is a classic case of birds of a feather. Sagittarians can form quick bonds together based on their mutual independence, desire to explore, and spunkiness. They respect each other’s need for autonomy and experience a thrilling connection that runs on both partners’ never ending thirst for new knowledge and ideas. They’ll need to watch out for hot tempers, however, and they may not last long as a serious couple (both likely have a wandering eye). When they’re together, though? Two Sags will have tons of fun.

These two share a lust for life that sparks an instant marriagemindedpeoplemeet reddit attraction. Both signs are comfortable with letting the other maintain their independence, and they appreciate not having to fight for their freedom in the relationship. Because Sagittarius and Aquarius are willing to be open with one another, they’ll find their lives are filled with curiosity and wonder. But the dark side of this anything-goes arrangement is that both Sag and Aquarius are commitment phobic. You’ll often see this pair in very long-term relationships but still hesitant to put a label on anything. This can come from a fear of the mundane, not from an inability to love one another! If Sagittarians and Aquarians understand that their unwillingness to commit comes from a deep respect for the other person’s independence, then their relationship will thrive.

Average Sagittarius Compatible Signs

Sagittarius compatibility can go either way with these pairings. It really depends on the effort Sagittarius and the other zodiac sign put into the relationship.

Both Libras and Sagittariuses have a deep curiosity for the world, but they show it in different ways. For Libras, it means trying as many new things and meeting as many new people as possible. For Sagittarius signs, it can mean difficulty committing to a relationship and being picky about trying new things because they only want the best. However, these two signs can, and often do, bond over their innate kindness and creativity.

Sagittarius and Gemini are opposite signs, but they share a fascination with everything cerebral. Gemini brings cultural knowledge, and Sagittarius serves up the social consciousness and philosophical discussions. Both signs hate being bored, and neither is likely to be found spending an evening at home. If a Sagittarius’ notorious temper flares, a Gemini can be put off, but these two usually find a way to reconcile. Despite their different temperaments, Sagittarians and Geminis are easy going when at their best. They’ll just have to work hard to meet in the middle, especially when it comes to emotional availability.

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