It is my belief that a favorable review should actually entice readers to want to go see the girl

It is my belief that a favorable review should actually entice readers to want to go see the girl

[QUOTE=Vino 7373]Obviously, there’s a difference in opinion as to how much or how little info we should put into our reviews.

You DO want extra business from these reviews, don’t you?

Isn’t that the point of the review? I’ve gone to see several providers because of reading the “juicy details” and simply HAD to go see the girl because of this info. As a provider, I would think that a reviewer divulging info as to why his session was so special would be a positive thing.

Codes, acronyms and abbreviations are for everyone to read [url] However, I personally feel more comfortable using the common ones

This town is notoriously cheap in its wages paid out of employees. Yet, good salesmen make great incomes here. It’s because of their descriptive powers and the ability to make a customer simply must have whatever they’re selling. Why should a review be any different?

I think it should be up to the provider to determine how detailed she wants her review to be. If you’ve had a great session, just ask her how much info she’d like posted about the experience. That way, the most important person in this deal (the provider) gets exactly what she wants. Ladies, any input here?[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=Sponge Worthy]The codes and acronyms are utterly stupid and useless. What makes you think that anyone else can’t figure out what they mean, or even ASK what they mean?

Seriously, I see people typing $.5 or crap like that when they mean $50. Just say what you mean. You’re not fooling anyone, except perhaps yourself.[/QUOTE] [QUOTE=Nnms46]In light of what’s been happening to me lately, I’m leaning on the discreet info route. In fact, we should get back to using the codes and acronyms in the reviews. God help the poor soul who’s SO becomes aware of all this.[/QUOTE] What’s been happening to you lately? Whatever you write here should not affect you? Nonone can judge our dreams and writings not even ET’s :). Have fun watching imagination from south-park [url]

[QUOTE=Goddess]People have a rite of passage on here, a person that just comes in asking questions is usually pointed out. In the same way some details should be left to members who have earned the right to read them. Why let everyone know the details?

Women and men on here take risks everyday I think the one’s that have earned their respect as a member should have more information than one’s that haven’t. [/QUOTE]So in your view, this place is just like high school.

It certainly has it’s times sponge, sometimes the boards can be dramatic and comical but at the end of the day I think all of us have the same goal which is to be safe. I can certainly say from my travels this board has the most flavor of anywhere. Some cities are just scary.

Since there were no reviews, I decided to TOFTT. I was very pleased with what was before me when I arrived at her hotel. A lot shorter than I had expected and perhaps carrying a couple pounds more than her photots show, but none the less, very attractive and very friendly. After getting comfortable, Jaden got right down to business and stripped and joined me on the bed. She immediately put on a condom and began a BJ which was good. Once I was rock hard, I asked if she would do cowgirl. She immediatley climbed on top and began to ride fairly hard. We didn’t seem to connect on the rythm or the condom was just too thick and lessened the feelings. Anyway after a time of riding and getting no where, I told her to go ahead and finish with a BJ, which she did in no time. After cumming Jayden got up and got me a clean washcloth. We chatted very little, and I left with a smile.

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